Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I do! Do you?

Dedicated to those who made me realize along the way that love doesn't always give back love! Thank you for teaching me one of the harsh realities of life...

I do! Do you?

I never meant to hurt you,
I never meant to slight you,
I wish you'd understood me,
I'd never have gone without you.

My love was all I had for you,
My concern was all I showered on you,
Yet you thought I pestered you,
I'd never have done that to you.

If I was tired, I was no fun,
If I was fun, I was trying too much,
You always had a complain about me,
I'd always tried not to do that to you.

I wish you'd loved me,
I wish you'd seen me,
I wish you'd cared for me,
Because that is all I ever did to you.

Forever and ever and ever...

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