Thursday, 31 May 2012

They leave you speechless!

The other day while surfing through the channels, a dance reality show on television, Dance India Dance Li'l Masters caught my eye. (And breath!) Two kids maybe around 10 or 12 years of age were all set to dance. The anchor asked them what dance style they were going to perform? The smaller one among the two promptly replied 'Robotics'! The next question thrown at the boy was which song. For a few seconds he was quiet and then he turned towards his mentor sitting with the rest of the dancers and asked very cutely 'which song was it?!' The studio audience, judges and other participants were all in splits and understandably so! But if anyone wrote off the boy at that moment, it would be wrong. Because when he did perform, he performed so brilliantly, you'd have been rendered speechless! The boy did know what he was doing!

Another incident on the same line happened on Masterchef Junior. A 12 year old girl, Isabella, was preparing tzatziki sauce with her lamb pie. Ok if you're still not shocked a small wake up call - a 12 year old girl was preparing pie which by the way turned out to be good! What was I doing when I was 12? Umm I was in class 6 and was fantasizing myself in Hogwarts and loving the pair of Nancy and Ned! Both of which I still do! *Grinning sheepishly*
Getting back to the point where she was making the sauce. One of the judges came and asked her what she was preparing and the girl told him, self-confessing that she couldn't pronounce tzatziki properly! And my first reaction was 'She can’t pronounce it but she can cook it! Unbelievable!'

All these kids reality shows which have once again resurfaced to the television foray both national and international, revealing the immense talent and vast potential which kids have are loved by one and all. The passion they show towards their work and the dedication which drips from every action is way beyond their years!
The kids today have an amazing platform to display their skills at such an early age and I hope these shows do justice to them.

Good luck and best wishes to all the talented kiddies from an ardent, awed and inspired fan! :)
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