Monday, 3 June 2013

If only I could fly away!

I sat by the window,
Looking out at the sky,
The forlorn bird flying across
The expanse of blue
Touching the chords of my heart.

The small, brown wonder circled around,
And perched atop the neighboring window.
ImageAs it shushed and looked around,
It seemed to mirror my state of mind.

How I longed to fly away,
To soar higher than ever
But day upon day,
The burden increased,
Bogging me down forever.

Another sparrow came and sat near,
The two chirping away,
I glanced at my empty beside,
While the pair made its' way.

Alas! For me there was no escape,
The chains never seemed to unbind,
And so I sat there looking at the blue expanse,
Forlorn, more than ever.
Trying to locate the silver lining,
More hopeful than ever.

P.S.:  You may not know it, but you make a big difference in my life, my thoughts, my being. Thank you so much! This is dedicated solely to you! Thank you, Aayush!