Saturday, 19 May 2012

Here 'n' there!

Well, I’ve been meaning to write for sometime but just haven't found the time... And energy... And inclination... And idea...

Well still at a loss on what to write about, (it happens when your mind is filled with Maths formulae, Tax provisions and concepts of Accounting in a bid to finish the exam syllabus ASAP!) here's just a quick recap of things that caught my eye but weren't enough for individual posts!

  • The trailer of Love, Lies and Seeta in which the girl says “love is a lie every teenage girl tells herself.” Loved the line!

  • Now that my CA final tuitions have begun (at 6.30 in the morning!) I realize that Calcutta does wake up early!

  • And the feeling which overwhelms me every time my short stories are appreciated was something I experienced multiple times during the past week! My friends at office deserve special mention and attention in this case! Thank you people!

  • But the one news which made me prance about in the air was that the TV show Castle will now feature on Indian television not one but five days a week!

Wrapping up with nothing more to say yet lots left!

See you again in a week!

Till then keep sharing your ‘here n there!’
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