Monday, 9 July 2012

Longing Along…

Surrounded by people, yet feeling all alone
How lucky I’d have been to be getting all their love,
They cheer for him, they jeer at me,
All because he has the means, I have the needs.

Walking along the beach, the waves lapping at my feet,
The wind whipping through my hair, their jibes roaring through me.
Silence was what I sought; maybe I wasn’t destined for that too.

I was never given a chance, a chance he never even had to ask for.
I proved them wrong; I stood on my feet,
They pulled the carpet from beneath me,
They pulled me down again.

Today I stare out at the sea,

I see the waves coming towards me,
I let them take me down with them,
And there’s finally silence all around me.

Numb, and quiet, I remember God,
And I promise to Him I’ll come out strong.
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