Thursday, 19 July 2012

Umm, seriously?!

How many times a day do I feel like uttering this expression! Sometimes out of disgust, sometimes awe and sometimes just for the pure fun of saying it!

You're travelling by bus and the crowd seems to be getting thicker and worse every minute. The heat becomes unbearable and you can feel the sweat trickling down your back, when the person sitting in front of you, takes out one of those gaudy plastic coloured, easily available on the roadside, hand fan and starts fanning himself!

When you see a middle-aged man, walking down the street with an umbrella which exhibits all possible colours of the rainbow and so much more!

When you're carefully walking along the footpath of a puddle - filled - street keen to avoid the muddy water as much as possible, and a car races by with such high speed that you're kind of sprayed with that water from head to toe! Of course after 'Umm seriously?!' a lot of other words would follow! Some not fit to be mentioned here!

When you see a woman sashaying around with a handbag or purse, which either coincidentally or deliberately, is the exact same shade as her dress!

When we get on to a bus and buy the ticket for XYZ stop and the bus then drops you in the middle of nowhere and the conductor says keep walking to your left, you'll reach the place. And lo behold after 10 minutes of walking you reach the designated spot! Mind you the bus route wasn't wrong. Just the timing was! Because at 6 in the morning apparently Calcutta buses create their own routes! Who would understand this irritation better than my comrade in arms, Nidhi!

And when out of the blue, one day, the bus drops you at the right spot! Like this morning!

Also when you a girl, wearing two different shades of neon colours on her nails! One hand green, one yellow! Yikes! Wish I had taken a snap for you people!

The best for the last - whenever I tell someone I blog, their first question is, is it on Facebook? Seriously. It's not on Facebook. Another one - what is a blog? And the minute they know what it is, they want to what my blog is all about. Listen, I am not a salesperson who's going to describe my blog like a newly launched product! If you're interested, check out the blog! My writing speaks for itself! My readers can assure you of that! ;) Can't you guys?
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