Monday, 23 July 2012

In Love... With Life.

I was in love with life.


All those small moments shared,
All those little secrets told,
All those great mysteries unfolded,
We were there for one other unrivalled.

Tagging along, always found by my side,
Today, when I turn, I see none beside.
A twinkle here, a smile there,
Would make my day, no matter where.

You were my solace, you were my charm,
You turned out to be the one who caused me harm.
Little did I know, how it would end,
You twirled my life around a hair-pin bend.

You decided to make things bad,
You decided to ignore me,
You thought you could turn the table around,
You thought you were the one who'd survive,
But I am the one who did.

I am glad you were there,
And I am sad you aren't now.
But one thing is for sure,
I am in love... With life... Again.

This piece of work is dedicated to one of my dearest friends and a far amazing person than me! Not because she was "was in love with life. Until..." But because she is "in love... With life... Again."!

Love you loads! :)

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