Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rain, rain, come again!

I was waiting for my Dad to pick me up. It had started drizzling. A heavy bag on back, rumbling stomach, tired after a long day's work, I parked myself under the shade of a nearby well-known hotel's portico.

Knowing that Dad would take time, I started fidgeting with my cell. Taking out my earplugs, I started disentangling them (They always get entangled!). A sudden gush of wind, throwing droplets of water all over me, made me look up! The drizzle had now turned into a downpour. People had flocked around me by then. Some were talking among themselves, some on the phone.

I wish someone had taken my pic! ;)
It dawned on me that the city which had been boiling in the past two weeks was finally getting a wash of relief! To hell with the phone! Shoving it out of my gaze, I stood looking at the small droplets of water being blessed on us by Him. I could feel my lips curving upwards! As if in agreement, lightning jolted in the sky, thunder startled everyone around!

The next few minutes no thought crossed my mind, no messages had to be answered, no calls to attend… Just the wind blowing my hair around, the water splashing on me in and out, the coolness tingling my wet skin, eyes sparkling at every streak of light in the sky, claps of thunder sounding like music!
Just a Calcuttan enjoying the first showers!

And then Dad came. The phone came out and this post was born!

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