Saturday, 8 March 2014

Celebrating Womanhood? You decide.

"... Her heels clicking on the tarmac, the street lights lighting her path ahead, talking over the phone while walking down the deserted by-lane to reach the safe havens of her home, she wished her friend a "Happy Women's Day" and kept the line. Another 5 minutes and she would be home, she thought. She heard an oncoming bike and looked sideways to see if there was space to weave through the footpath occupiers. Finding none, she continued walking ahead, expecting the biker to be careful enough not to hurt her. But the bike came and stopped just near her, surprising her and causing her foot to twist while she fell on the footpath. She looked up angrily to see two pairs of eyes leering at her. The anger gave way to fear. The screeching bike had woken some of the beggars and within seconds, which felt like hours, one of those young lads came to help her get back on her feet. Several of them came and stood beside her. Her phone vibrated. An incoming message, announcing  'A 3-day special discount in celebration of Women's Day.' ..."

Yes, there's inequality. Yes, there's commercialization. Yes, there's tyranny. Yes, there's irony.

But, above all, there's hope.

Happy Women's Day.

#100happydays. (Day 45)


Raina Sanghai said...

Wow, this is briliiant. You have captured the true essence of the modern day scenario..

Shikha said...

Theres a lot to change in society before we can celebrate "Womens Day " in its true spirit. Till then hope is all we are left with !!

Aditi Chandak said...

Thank you both of you!