Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 44!

"In this digital age of love, is it too much to ask if I want your hand in mine and not my phone. If I want you in front of me and not my laptop. If I want to have your favorite chocolate with you and not just send you pictures of it. If I want to see that wink on your face, not just the emoticon you send. If I want you to spend  my happy moments with me, not hear about it later. If I want to call you by your name, not just look at my phone flashing it. If I want to see you reading this, and not just imagine you breathing deeply. If I want to see that smile on your face, and not just hear it over your call.
Is it too much?"

Aditi Chandak.

What can make me happier than wielding the pen after so, so long.

Waiting for more of such happy days!

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