Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wake Me Up When September Ends!

Yes! September ends today! Wake me up when September ends!

28 days of continuous office, long working hours, sumptuous lunches (with the client reimbursing our lunch!), new friends, newer lessons learnt and now a good 3 day break to look forward to!

That is another matter that I’ve spent half of the day catching up on my sleep, and watching Kung Fu Panda! Isn’t Po, the Panda, cute?! He reminds me of a friend!

Friend, please don’t be angry!

And the end of September also marks the birthday of one of the coolest guys at my workplace! Someone, who at last, has managed to remember the name of my blog! Someone, who always tells me to write something different, no matter whether he reads my blog or not. More often, it’s the ‘not’!

Happy birthday, Nitesh! You really are the ‘Baap!’

And may you always remain so! (Pun completely intended!)

And for now, this also marks the end of my post!

See you again!

When September ends!

Don’t forget to wake me up!
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