Friday, 7 September 2012

'Torn!' Need I say more?

Love the work you do.
Love your life more.
Love your close ones most.
Don't let the ones who matter most, walk away!


Torn between my love and life,
The winds of passion against me,
Responsibility keeps pulling me down,
While my love walks out the door.

Frustrated, devastated
Nowhere to go; bound to work,
I walk down the memory lane.
Her laughter, her freshness, her passion, her free will,
Make me resent her absence.

I wish I had stopped her,
I wish I had heard her,
Though we may not have agreed,
I wish I had spoken to her.

My work had become my life,
I had simply expected her to stay.
Not realizing that as days passed,
My love had become her life. 
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