Friday, 5 October 2012

The Last Time?

Sitting up there in the clouds,
Well, nearly forgotten,
 They must be wondering what we are at,
Doing all but enjoying.

They seem to be questioning,
When was the last time you stopped,

To hear the rustle of the winds,
The pleasant cacophony of the birds,
To feel the breeze blow through your strands,

To see the hues in the sky,
The flowers all around,

The kitten meowing at you,
The dogs playing with their puppies,
The thirsty crow drinking water,
The pigeons in a cat fight,
The leaves falling in winter,
The new ones sprouting in spring,

The 50 shades of green,
The rain pattering on the windows,
The rainbows thereafter?

When was the last time you stopped?
They're still wondering.

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