Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Bucket List!

One of these days, while surfing on the internet, I came across a bucket list on And his bucket list is really, really cool! Richard Castle, by the way, is a fictional character, played by Nathan Fillon on the hit series Castle.

For those who've been caught unawares, bucket list is a sort of to-do list you want to complete before you kick the bucket (die, in the morose sense, if that's what you prefer.)!

My bucket list, or rather what I could compile as of now is :

  • Sky diving! Bungee jumping too!
  • Lighting a sky lantern!
  • Painting the Indian flag on my cheeks and cheering for India! Go India!
  • Get my dad to join me on the giant wheel! Should this be on his bucket list or mine?
  • Reading all the Archie comics! I still don't know whether Archie married Betty or Veronica! He did get married, right? 
  • Ok. Find out if Archie got married!

I'll be back with more!

Till then put up your list, fellas!
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