Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's all in the mind!

A fortnight ago, while I was waiting for an interview for my articleship, in the lobby of a firm my mind was full of apprehensions and dilemma! The regular chaos which comes before we face anything new... Clouds of doubt overcame my thoughts... How would the work be, my colleagues, my seniors, the work culture... While I was waiting for my turn, I realized that the long wait led my mind from nervousness to to impatience. by the time I was called in, I was surprisingly nerve-free because my mind had been diverted from frenzy and fear to boredom and frustration.
What I'm trying to say is it's all in our mind! The anticipation, fear, nervousness... The negative response to anything new... We don't wait to experience the change, rather we think of the worst possible situations which might happen! It happens... Happens to a lot of people... What we need to understand is that whether the change will be good or bad for us all depends on us! It's all in our hands... If we respond to the change properly and adjust ourselves to it, with the drive to make our life worth living come what may, how blissful it would all be!
If it's happened to you, don't worry you aren't alone! It's human nature to be wary of changes, but then it's also human nature to try and overcome our weaknesses. Next time you are all nervous, with butterflies flitting in your stomach by the dozen, take a moment out for yourself, inhale some deep breaths and remember it's all in our hands. What you make out of your life, depends on you. Every one has weaknesses. But all of us have strengths too! :)
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