Tuesday, 20 September 2011

'Tricks' of the trade!

After I came back from work today, I ended up watching the climax of an Amitabh-Shashi Kapoor starrer, Suhaag.One thing that struck me was --- the way every Hollywood film has to have a superhero, alien or extinct and mythological creatures, every Bollywood film's climax will have the following points :
  • The hero will come to save his mother/lover from the villian's clutches! (Somehow he'll always know where the villian is, and reach just in the nick of time!)
  •  The hero has to, he just has to deliver dialogues before firing at the villians! And by then someone or the other will kick the gun out of his hand!
  •  No matter how injured our hero is, he will keep fighting till the end! In Suhaag, Amitabh was shot a bullet in his shoulder, still he fought. Inspite of the injures on his arm he then hung on to a helicopter for nearly 5 minutes!  Stronger than Superman!
  • The film has to end on a happy note, well mostly, where the family is together and the villians are most certainly dead or sentenced to jail!
  • And now in the last scene, we tend to show that the police force also exists! ;)
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