Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Time Travel...

As time flies, and we grow up, people come and go .... But why is it that some people leave behind a lot more than memories...?
They maybe friends, relatives, lovers! The minute you think about them a strange feeling descends upon you... You feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy that you spent such lovely times with them and sad because they left you... No matter how hard you try to console yourself or claim that you can live without them, your armour is bound to have holes!
People I know have all gone through this phase time and again, when out of the blue, they missed a loved one sorely! It comes and goes... Like a friend says, it's human to have feelings and getting carried away with them once in a while...:) (While another one is still trying to locate her own emotions!)
I'd heard Abhishek Bachchan once say in an interview, "Don't cry that it is over, smile that it happened!"
Next time you feel down, recall this line. It helps :)

To be honest, I was feeling the same way some time ago, which explains why I wrote this! But now I'm fine :)

The feeling comes and goes but the memories stay on forever... :)
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