Wednesday, 17 August 2011

And the battle continues!

From the minute I've woken up today, the only thing I remember doing most is following the news of Anna Hazare! Before leaving for college, Anna, after returning, Anna! And it has been everything but boring!
Though the proceedings were slow, the battle in the Parliament where the Opposition literally tore into the Government was a common man's delight! The processions, rallies and candle light marches all over India kept me glued to the screens, while my mind kept thinking what it must have been like during the pre-Independence era when there was no live coverage of the movements. The media has to be praised and thanked for the constant support they're providing to Team Anna.
The police also have been standing  by looking at the crowds ahout slogans. It leads one to think that 'Does having Kiran Bedi on their side, help Team Anna so much?'
A lot has been said,  heard and written about the Government's clampdown which backfired horribly. But the one line which sums up the Government's miscalculated steps was said by Arun Jaitely in the Parliament today — This is what happens when so many lawyers advise the Prime Minister!
Very-well phrased, indeed!
With the support for Anna rising with every passing second, let's join in and do our bit for the nation...
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