Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Heart-breaking or heart-warming?

As I sit back and go over the shocking proceedings of the day, a thought crosses my mind... Does the Anna Hazare movement and the Government's reaction to it, create a heart-breaking scene or a heart-warming one?
Any person who's following the movement will definitely have an opinion!
It saddens one to see the Government, whom we had elected, misuse their powers greatly. All laws and promises of being democratic were defied when Anna was arrested from his home at eight in the morning! Little had the Government thought that India would react in such a manner! Protests and courting arrests became the way of the day. As the day progressed, our 'honourable' ministers started coming forward to say that Anna and the Government are both against corruption and that they are willing to talk to Team Anna! Mind you, all through the day, not one quote from the Prime Minister! One of the ministers even dared to say that peaceful protests  are allowed. If only he could give one instance where the Anna - led movement had turned violent! Had they even allowed the movement to start?
As the day nears its ending, things turn worse for the UPA! The police is ready to release Anna and his team as well as supporters. Even though it's too early to tell, but the Government seems to be buckling under pressure, pressure from the 1.2 billion citizens!
What will follow only time can tell, but at present seeing India unite and rise, does light a ray of hope in our bleak future!
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