Friday, 29 June 2012

Random Awkwardness!

Ever come across those moments when awkwardness takes over all else?

  • Remember those teeny-weeny moments when you are sitting with someone and the chair squeaks and squeals with every movement of yours and you are at a loss at whether to continue speaking, or wait for the chair to stop!

  • Often it happens that during the morning rush hours, passengers start shouting the choicest expletives at the bus-driver for driving so slow and when the driver starts driving rashly the same passengers are the first ones to hold on to their seats as if their life was at stake!

  • When you suddenly have a hymn or a bhajan or some popular movie track playing aloud in an otherwise quiet room and the source of that sound is a cell-phone! Invariably, the owners of such phones seem to be taking the most time to answer their calls!

  • Imagine the scene :
You are engrossed in work.
So is your friend.
Suddenly the friend starts mumbling something and you keep responding only to realize later that the person wasn't even talking to you, just thinking aloud!

Share your awkward moments here! After all we all definitely have some! ;)

P.S. : Priyanka, it's turned out to be good, hasn't it? ;)
P.P.S : Vikash, you might just get a treat after I cross 5000 page views with this post! Yes, I said "might"! :P
P.P.P.S : For all those who don't know who Priyanka and Vikash are — these two are among the crazy lot of friends I have at work! And they both rock!
And yes, there are no more Post-scripts to read! Another awkward moment? Or maybe not?

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