Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Words you must read!

After a really long while, I found the time to read some books. And the ones I took up turned out to be such fabulous reads, I just couldn't resist wielding my pen about them!

44, Charles Street by Danielle Steel — I have read quite a few books by Danielle Steel and each one is undoubtedly a winner in its own sense! Some happy, some sad, some tragic, some with a happily ever after but all penned by a great author who deals brilliantly with emotions!

44, Charles Street, the address of the house which during the course of the story becomes home to Francesca, the owner of the house. After suffering a break-up and losses in her business, she rents out parts of her house to tenants. The story follows how the lives of the people in the house get entwined and they become like family to each other. 

The story has innocence, love, marriage, death, sadness and the never-say-die spirit, all of which come together to cook up a great read!

Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts — Nora Roberts, who recently launched her 200th book, touches your heart and kindles your feelings to life with this one!

Set in the beautiful village of Ardmore in Ireland, the book is sprinkled with faeries, ghosts, magic, legends and myths but not like the ones you find in Harry Potter or Twilight!

Here, these act as catalysts to the love blossoming between Aidan Gallagher, an Ardmore-ian who's lived a Bohemian lifestyle for long and Jude Murray, a psychology professor in America who desperately needs and wants a break from her grinding American lifestyle.

A love story, so similar, yet so different.

To all those who haven't read this yet, before I reveal the entire story, go grab a copy!
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