Monday, 2 April 2012

Don't let time fly!

Kabhi kabhi toh milte hai (we meet very rarely), my cousin said yesterday evening. That is exactly what has been going on in my mind since then! How rarely we manage to get time out for the ones dear to us!

We're all so busy with our lives, our work, that the time left has to be spent very carefully to satisfy all. A year ago, when I was preparing for a major exam, I’d only spent time with my books for around a month or so. And at that point of time, I’d promised myself, I’d give time to all that I’d neglected during the preparation. And I had later. But today a year later, when I’m going to office on a regular basis with no long vacation in the near future it is so difficult to please everyone in one Sunday!

Today we live in such a competitive world, racing against time, immersed in our work, involved in our own lives that we fail to regard the other important aspects of our life. Our relations, our friends, our passions, our pleasures ― they all take a backseat. And we fail to understand when that backseat turns into neglect.
And years later all we will be left with will be regrets, unfulfilled wishes, laments...

You don’t want to live that way. No one does. So before you get lost in the whirlpool of distractions, stop for a while, take a deep breath, think about all those people you’ve been meaning to talk to for a long time and give one of them a call. Any one.
You’ll hear the smile in their voice! Trust me. Cuz I just did!

Once in a while, give yourself a break. You deserve it. Every one of us does. Just laze around. Relax. The world won’t come to a halt if you ease up a bit.

As the world proceeds ahead, tougher do the times get! But, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

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