Sunday, 4 May 2014

Day 96!

Her petite frame stood by the window, the hands outstretched to feel the torrential rains pour down on her palms.
He went and held her by the waist, nestling her back into his arms.
They stood like that for ages it seemed. The chill in the air, peace in her breaths, the sound of the claps followed by her slightest shudders, brought him still closer to her.
He couldn't hold himself back anymore, and took her hand and slipped on the ring.
"Marry me, will you?"
He felt the sharp intake of breath, goosebumps run all over her while the skies lit up in full approval!

And that's Day 96! Well, at least the rains are a part of my day and the proposal hopefully someone's at least! :-)

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