Sunday, 19 February 2012

One day at a time!

“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”

Golden words by William Shakespeare which still hold true. But unfortunately there are very few among us who actually live by these lines anymore! We’ve forgotten that we’re here to simply play our parts and leave when the time comes.

We are busy trying to create a niche for ourselves or planning for the days ahead or hoarding wealth, yes hoarding, or simply feeding our egos by the apparent material success achieved!

How many of us have dreamt about a bigger house, a bigger car, a brighter future? All of us I’m sure.
And how many of us are living entirely in the present without speculating or worrying and making elaborate plans for the future?

I’m not saying people should stop dreaming. That would be a rather unfortunate end to man’s passions and soul.
I’m saying people should start living. Living in the present, rather than waiting to live in the future.

Enjoy each day as it comes. Live life one day at a time. Today, we’re all in a rat race, trying to outdo each other and ourselves too. We don’t have time for our own self, leave alone time for others! There’s this huge rush to reach the finish line before it’s the right time.

We all have to leave this life behind at some day, no one knows when. Don’t you think you’d rather want to live to the fullest instead of regretting in the end and wishing you’d lived and enjoyed every moment of your life and learnt something new each day?

Do something new each day. Learn something new each day. Smile and face the troubles. God won’t make you face any troubles you can’t overcome.
Let go of the crease on your forehead. Let go of all the worries.
Sit with your loved ones. Share a joke or two. Smile at the people at work.
You’ll feel good.

Life itself will look better. Of course, your troubles will still remain, but your strength will increase. And what’s more, you’ll feel happier!

It’s now or never.
If you can’t learn to live ‘now’, you might just ‘never’ learn to live!

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