Sunday, 13 November 2011

A smile doesn't cost much! :)

One of these mornings on my way to office a school girl was travelling alone on the same bus as mine... Generally school kids take a seat thanks to their heavy bags! This one stood towards the front and kept relaying all of the conductor's shouts of stop, slow down, etc to the driver, which often get lost in the din of the crowd. She was relaying them loud enough for the entire bus to hear! At first I found it irritating but then I got used to her. As her stop approached she told the driver to stop. When the driver started slowing down immediately she said in Bengali, "No, no not here! I'm getting late today! Drop me right in front of my school please!" This brought a smile on the faces of many!

As she was getting down, she went on to say, "Don't drive now, 'people' are getting down", while she was the only one getting down at the stop!

The best part of the entire incident was that after she got down and started walking towards her school, the driver actually slowed down and shouted a bye to her! Looking around perplexed the little girl realized where it came from and waved back to him, ensuring a smiling start to my day! :)

One of those rare incidents which makes me love Calcutta all the more! :)
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