Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A modern love story!

To all those spurned and scorned lovers and people who love to read love stories, come take a look at a modern love story. Sprinkled with tragedy, not penned by a Shakespeare or a Nicholas Sparks. And your heart still goes out to the people who were forced to choose anything but love.

Remember Aung San Suu Kyi? Yes, the same one we'd all read about in Political Science in school.Those who don't seem to know or recall her, simply put she is a popular leader of Myanmar who'd been under house arrest for nearly 15 years of the last 22 years she spent there.
Away from her husband and two young sons living in the UK, away from a marriage, a very happy one at that, of 16 years, away from the comfort and luxury of family life! She had a duty to fulfill towards a nation she called her own.Myanmar was in a political turmoil then and desperately needed a leader. Suu had then gone to Myanmar to meet her mother who was not keeping well. Being the daughter of a famous general, she seemed like the obvious choice for the people's leader.

Over the years which unfolded, she was placed under house arrest by the government, visa applications of her sons and husband denied and all means of communication with the outside world snatched. She was left with little choice herself, because if she left Myanmar even once, it would mean permanent exile for her. And she knew that very well. So did Michael Aris, Suu's husband. When Michael was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she could not even go and meet him! His love for her was boundless too. He would not hear of her return. He had silently campaigned for her cause throughout her house arrest tenure and supported her in every way he could.
As Michael's health faltered, Suu realised she might never see Michael again and put on a dress of his favourite colour, tied a rose in her hair, went to the British embassy, where she recorded a farewell film for him in which she told him that his love for her had been her mainstay. The film was smuggled out of Myanmar, only to arrive two days after Michael's death!

Who would have thought that behind the steel facade of this strong lady, lies a heart so full of love and longing?

In this harsh world, when you hear "Love has more hits than fear", a smile of hope crosses your face! :)

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