Monday, 19 December 2011

Small things matter!

Yesterday morning I left home with my Dad, windows all sealed up, sitting cozily in the warmth of the car, listening to the soft music of songs of the golden era. We were discussing some current issue of rather vital importance (or that is what we thought!). We stopped at a red light. Dad pointed towards a man bathing outside in the chilling cold, lathering himself in soap, pouring the ice cold water from a pump over himself! And he still looked like a contented man, for God's sake!
I don’t know what came over us but forgetting our precautions, we rolled down the windows of our car; let the music blare and drove ahead at full speed! The rush of the cold winds biting my skin, hands going numb and mouths zipped, and a smile on our faces, we enjoyed the rest of the ride much more!:)

Enjoy life as long as it exists! :)
Or as my friend put it…
Life exists as long as u enjoy it! :)

So keeping in spirit with the festive season, here's a toast to life! :)
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