Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 99!


Got to be something special, right? I had lots of things in mind to put up through out the day, but then I came across this link on Facebook.

Just see it first :  

The menacing social media subtly defined so.

And I am not sharing this because I have been phubbed (phone snubbed, for the unaware ones like me) by my younger cousins, almost avoided getting hit by people who're busy looking into their phones and walking down the already narrow and half dug up footpaths of Calcutta, have spent times with friends where we are busy updating statuses on FB, Twitter, Whatsapp about where we are, with whom, and having oh so much of fun instead of talking to the one who's actually in front of you! Yes, all this and so much more has happened to me, but that's not all. I am sure a lot worse might have happened to you. Maybe, we've done worse to others! 

Close your laptops, phones, iPads, tablets right now. Just put it away. It can live without you for an hour or two. But can you?

Just make sure you check Day 100, though ;)
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